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With a collective experience of two decades, Vivek Gahlaut is what you would call a trailblazer. Having imbibed his experience and learnings, he has been able to translate it through his business and has managed to span it across continents. He is the co-founder of a commodity trading company to supply broken rice to all key markets in West Africa.

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He graduated with a degree in Electronics & Communication Engineering from the National Institute of Technology Kurukshetra. He then went on to pursue higher education, enrolling in an MBA program in International Finance at Thunderbird Global School of Management, Arizona State University, USA.  Little did he know that this academic odyssey would lay the bedrock for his global ventures and ignite a passion for financial intricacies.2003 marked a turning point. Vivek’s degree in hand, he crossed the threshold into the bustling heart of New York, joining the ranks of Ernst & Young. Within the Financial Services Advisory practice, he assumed leadership roles—captaining teams through the tempests of treasury management, navigating the labyrinthine world of cash flow, and mitigating the tides of financial risk. His clientele spanned the spectrum: from venerable financial institutions to nimble hedge funds, from Fortune 500 giants to boutique asset managers. Vivek’s strategic compass sharpened, and his gaze widened to encompass the intricate dance of global financial markets.

But life, like a well-composed symphony, crescendos in unexpected movements. In 2010, Vivek orchestrated a harmonious shift. His wealth of experience and accumulated resources found a new canvas—the Health & Wellness sector in India. For six fruitful years, he donned multiple hats: health club manager, wellness guru, and even gym equipment trader. His clubs thrived, echoing with the rhythm of treadmills and the clank of weights. Simultaneously, Vivek’s involvement in a family angel fund underscored his commitment to nurturing innovation in the Indian technology startup ecosystem.

Then, the desert winds whispered a new melody. In 2013, Vivek’s compass swung toward the glittering metropolis of Dubai. There, he co-founded a commodity trading company—a conduit for sustenance. Broken rice flowed from origins far and wide, destined for the vibrant markets of West Africa. But Vivek’s vision was expansive; the company’s portfolio burgeoned to include raw cashew nuts, sugar, pasta, and frozen foods. Their annual turnover? A staggering USD 90 million.

Yet, Vivek’s passion transcended balance sheets. He dreamt of a world where food security wasn’t a privilege but a birthright. His compass now points toward backward integration—a symphony of self-sufficiency for pivotal markets. Vivek’s legacy? It’s in the grains of broken rice, the whispers of cashew trees, and the promise of a sustainable tomorrow.

Vivek Gahlaut

Vivek Gahlaut


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